Veronica Kvassetskaia-Tsyglan
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Classical drawing and painting classes for kids ages 8 - 18
The school offers fundamental teachings of classical drawing and painting techniques from the Renaissance Period through the mid-19th century using the instructional methods of Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Durer

* Art Portfolio preparation for visual arts' learning institutions.
* Principles of life drawing
* Geometry and Perspective
* Light and Shadow theory
* Composition
* Color theory
* Development of eye-hand
* A unique learning system designed to introduce individuals of all levels and skills to the Old Masters technique of classical drawing and painting.

The school is located in North York, Toronto, ON (walking distance from North York Centre subway station)
For registration : call 416-226-6102 or please click here
Loren Yeung, student of Pratt Institute New York, USA
"Dear Veronica, thank you very much for everything you have taught me the past 12 years. I am so grateful that you accepted me as your student. I have learned a lot about both art and life from you. You are one of my biggest mentors and I admire you as both a teacher and artist. Non of my accomplishments would have been possible without you guidance. I will miss you very much next year while I am studying at Pratt IN New York. You are the best and I will always look up to you."
Andrew Ho, Car designer, Mazda, Japan
"Learning the fundamentals of classical drawing from Veronica gave me a jump start in the competitive world of design. Having already achieved the basics of accurate visual communication from her class, I was well prepared to sell my design ideas in the fast paced corporate world. Studying under Veronica's careful eye is an invaluable and truly enriching experience which cannot be had anywhere else. It is not only the skills that you learn that set this class apart, but also the interaction with a true visionary such as Veronica. Instilling determination and drive into me, she inspired me to chase my dreams and to never give up in that pursuit. She is the person who I credit for pushing me to achieve my dream of becoming a professional car designer."